Sights of Kőszeg

Kőszeg is a sub-alpine climate town at the foot of the Alps, which gained the status of a free royal town in 1329. In recent decades, it has become famous not only for its extremely rich historical tradition, its historic buildings preserved almost intact, but also for its honesty boxes, unique in Hungary. The goods placed on the street and left unguarded are also proof that Kőszeg has a good public safety record, and that its people are reliable and hospitable.

The Hotel Portré is located in the main square of Kőszeg, just a stone's throw from Jesus Heart Church s, whose 57-metre-high tower is a welcome sight for those looking for our guesthouse on arrival in the town. Feel free to come to the tower... and you will find us!

The main square in Kőszeg has undergone a major renovation in the last few years, with fountains, terraces and a stage in the summer.
Starting from the Hotel Portre and passing through the Heroes' Gate, where the old city gate used to stand, we enter the former city centre, Jurisics Square, which was a fairground and administrative centre, but also a place where criminals were tried and where there was a cemetery at the end of the square. It was also the site of the town well, which is still in the middle of the square. The square also houses the archives of the town of Kőszeg, the Pharmacy Museum, the parish, the town hall, and the churches of St. James and St. Imre. The town hall dates back to the 14th century, as evidenced by excavations, but it was given its final form in the 17th century, when the coat of arms was added to its façade. One of Hungary's oldest municipal offices is in Kőszeg, where the façade bears the coat of arms of Hungary, the town and the Jurisics family. The castle, which is 200 metres from Jurisics Square, has been renovated in recent years thanks to EU funding. The museum traces the development of Kőszeg Castle over the centuries and displays related artefacts. In the summer, the Jurisic Castle is also home to the Castle Theatre, which has been held regularly for decades.
The central location of the Hotel Portré puts guests within walking distance of many monuments, with free parking nearby.

Almost every month, there are events and activities in the city that are well worth a visit.
• The celebration of the Book of the Future of the Vine, in which the grape shoots cut on St George's Day are engraved in the book.
• The summer Kőszeg Castle Theatre, which presents a variety of plays in different styles.
• Crescent and Full Moon siege days in early August, which recall the Turkish siege of 1532.
• The History Run, which has been held since 1983 and offers distance and challenge for amateurs and professionals alike.
• The Kőszeg Harvest, one of the biggest events in the town, where the twin towns are also present and visitors can choose from a wide range of cultural activities.

In the Írottkő Nature Park, you can explore the most beautiful parts of the Alpine Alps on foot or by bike. The Hotel Portré is also a good place to stay if you visit the villages around Kőszeg for excursions or sports activities. The slopes of Semmering, which offer excellent skiing in winter, are less than an hour's drive away. If you only want to visit the castle of Léka, our hotel is also the right choice. There are also several thermal spas in the area, less than a 20-minute drive away.

Visit Kőszeg, one of the jewel boxes of the country.